Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am lion, hear me roar

My mom has a fascination with the big cats of Africa and someday she would loves to go on a safari to see them in their own natural habitat. Mom thinks that they look very regal even when they is just sitting around relaxing on a hot day ( I said maybe they do but they don't looks as regal as my friend Madi ).  Then I told her I can looks regal too.
Here is a lioness looking regal...
Here is me looking regal...
How did I do?

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae


  1. You are soooo doing it right girlfriend. I just hopes I don't haves to start calling you "Your Highness"....hehehehe!
    Now personally, even though I am a doggie...that there kitteh scares da poop outta me.

  2. You are so regal! Cheers from the blog hop!

  3. miss maggie mae,
    you've got it goin' on for sures! all you need is a crown. :)
    the booker man

  4. Hi Maggie Mae aka BDGFF(best dog girl friend forever)!!! We are so happy to be your friend and thank you for your very kind remarks about my regalness. I will try to live up to your kindness. You know Mom and I think you always have the most perfect posture and pose so is our humble opinion that today's pictures of your are quite lovely. You seem to know just how to look for each picture. The peeps had a flat tire this morning, topped off by it was raining and the tire was so flat they could not move the Honda to drive the other car w/o damaging the tire. So Mom held a golf umbrella over Dad while he changed the for me I watched with amusement from the comfort of the guest room bed... they looked pretty funny.

  5. Maggie you scared us. You look vicious...BOL....
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. tell mom I foolow this pro photographer's blog. Check it out..its so cool

  6. Hi Maggie Mae!
    I found you via the Blog Hop which is great because now I can follow you and keep up with what you are doing!
    I am a professional pet sitter who has a "thing" for boxers! I used to walk a boxer for 2 years and I loved how silly and handsome he was and I bet you'd like him!
    You do look very regal in your lion pose and very pretty too!

  7. WOW!

    That lioness will be taking notes fur sure!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  8. You've got the look! You should be a model!

  9. You look absolutely splendidly regal! Nice to meet you and thanks for hopping over to Critter Alley!


  10. We think you look very regal Maggie...if you were a feline you would be a lion for sure!!

    Smileys and Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  11. hi sweety m mae~!
    you are soooo working that regalnessness~!! oh yeah--lioness has nothing on you, loves~!! ;D
    you are as CUTE as every my maggie m~!!


  12. Perfect!
    Sure you look regal!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. wow! i thought you were a real lion! congratulations on your good work :D

    Love, Bella.

  14. Hello Maggie Mae and thank you for taking time to visit and comment on our blog. We have a boxer in our life too, his name is Saebo and he lives in Seward Alaska when he is not out rescuing birds with his mom. Right now they are in Hawaii and we are not sure when he is coming home. He and his mommy are rehabilitating endangered birdies there. We think Saebo needs to go to the Gulf region but right now the birdies in Hawaii need them more...

  15. You are absolutely more regal than that big kittie, Maggie Mae!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. You look majestic!

    Teddy Bear

  17. Who needs to go to Africa when you have a lovly boxer in her natrual habitat in the back yard?

    Great Job!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo