Friday, August 13, 2010

I Am a Winner AND Andy's Birfday to Celebrate!

Happy Fridays the 13th Everybodys!
Looong post today...gets comfy!
This is such a fun week we is all having, so many birthday pawtys and awards has been givin out so why should today be any different?
Here is my new awards!
I gots it from Josie, IzZy and Anakin Man at Those Elgin Pugs 
AND I gots it from Mr. Sharky, Duchess and ET at Fur Baby Chat AND I gots it from Corbin at Oh Corbin!!
OK let's get started on the list of things I needs to do...

First of all I has to thank the puppy, kitty or person who gave you the award.

Tank youz Tank youz Tank youz !
IzZy, Josie, Anakin Man, Mr. Sharky, Duchess, ET and Corbin fur my most wunderful award!
All of youz is so much fun and I luvs you!

Now I has to tell youz 7 things 'bout me...

1.  I do not likes to wear anything on my head so I always give my mom a hard time when she tries to put a hat on me and take my picture with da flashy beast.

2. I manage to gets into a wee bit of trouble almost every day, I thinks it just becuz mom has no sense of adventure!

3. Mom and dad still haven't figured out how to gets me to sloooow down when I eats.

4. STILL haven't gotten into that stoopid kiddie pool.  I think mom and dad have given up on that idea. :)

5. I has never been to a stream, lake, pond or ocean so the only body of waters I has ever been in is a puddle.

6.  I LUVS to Pawty, but I thinks all of you know that 'bouts me all ready.

7.  I am completely and utterly blown away by all of the luv and support for others that I see and experience every day in bloggie land.
Youz guyz are amazing! 

OK's Enough of that mushy stuffs...

Now I gets to pass the award along to 15 of my newest (and one old and dear) bloggie furiends, but I want ALL of my furiends to have this award too cuz you are the best!

Here dey is... if you don't know dems all ready puleeze go and visit thems,  youz will be so happy you did!

1.Corbin at Oh Corbin  Dis sooo funny he just gives it to me yesterday and I gives it to back to hims today. We lives soo near to each other too, someday I hopes to meets him

2. Roo at Dear Humane Society Dog Blog  A very fun new furiend and he is sooo cute too

3. Bruschi at I Pittie The Fool  Ain't nuttin wrong with this guy, strong and handsome

4. Avery Jack at Avery Jacks Tails So cutes I can't stand it

5. Stella and Lincoln at Boxer on Tour Grreat boxer furiends, they lives in Germany

6. Sami at My Sami Boy My Life As a Dog A smile that will melt your heart

7. Maddy at The Adventures of Maddy The Puggle Such a sweet girl

8. Dougie at Dougie Declan, The Wagger With The Swagger A cutie patootie for sure

9. Sammy and Andy at Sammy and Andy's Place Two cool kittehs, I really likes dems

10.Roxy, Petey and Jordie at Cooking With Dogs Yummy things happen here ALL the time

11. JD and Max at Schnauzer and Schnauzer These guyz lives across the pond...they are such good guyz

12. Bruschi at Bruschi The Puggle Another grreat furiend and a real cutie

13.  Blaze, Zappa, Fiona, Chance, Silver and Brut at 24 Paws of Love What a wunderful pack of furiends and my mom learns sumptin when we visits them

14. Tucker at Tucker  A sweet and gentle giant for sure

15. Zelle at In Zelle's World  Zelle is not a new furiend but I luvs her and she has been through a lot in the past few months so she has most definitely earned an award

Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.
I will do that after I am done with this...

It's a Birfday Pawty cuz Andy doesn't Bark hehehe :)
Happy 10th Birfday Andy!
Andy is one cool kitteh....

...AND he looks grreat in a hat!
Puleeze go visits him today and wish hims a Happy Birfday!
OK..I is done, time fur a nap!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae


  1. Ooooh, I didn't knows you like to pawty...BWhahahahaha! Just kidding.
    I gots to go meet your furiends cuz I DIDN"T knows alot of 'em.
    I didn't know you knew Sammy and Andy....they my kitteh furiends too. How cool!


  2. Hi Maggie - Congrats on your awards! After 10 years, my mama still hasn't figured out how to make me slow down when I eat.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Woof! Woof! You are a busy pup. Golden Congrats on your award. Hope you do get that kiddie pool before summer ends. You do LOVE to Pawty. Happy 10th to Andy. Happy 13th Friday n Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Hi Maggie Mae....what a lovely post!!!
    You are indeed a very lucky and deserving puppy....
    1.As for your pool mom said she bet you were waiting for it to freeze over...I said why she said because MM has long beautiful legs she would be a good ice skater
    2.Eating too might remember that Mom and Dad left me last week to visit Yogi the Corgi and his parents. Yogi eats too quickly too.
    This is what the might sound kind of mess but it works. They put several placemats on the floor then spread Yogi's food out on them. He has to eat slowly because it is all spread out. They told mom he used to have horrible smellies coming out of him from eating too fast...not any more.
    Hugs Madi

  5. Congratulations on your award, you certainly deserve them!

  6. Ooooo...I do not likes things on my head OR bodies of water either! Do you think that's cuz we're related? Maybe it's part of our Dee-en-ay.

    Andy is a very cute kitteh. I'll go wish him a happy happy birthday!

    See you at the pawty, Maggie Mae. You know...the TEA pawty.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. Happy Birfday to your furend Andy.
    I didn't even suspect that YOU liked to Pawty Hawdy. who knew
    Thanks for sharing those thingys about you.
    gotta go this WiFi at O'Hare is grrreat butt kinda slow.

  8. Oh Miss. Maggie Mae! You're too awesome! Glad we became friends! I'm not too keen on that big water dish mom has in the back yard for me... she says I'm supposed to go in and cool down, but I think she's crazy. However, I do love the lake! You should try it sometime! Took me a little while to get use to, but it's awesome! Congrats on all your awards! You deserve them ALL!

  9. Maggie Mae, congrats on all your awards. Good job. You certainly deserve them all. And it is was fun leaning all those things about you. Glad to see you finally take a nap at the end of the post. We have been over and Wished Andy a very happy Birthday. Hope you have a great week end.

  10. Hey there Maggie-Mae

    Congratulations on all your wonderful awards! You are great bloggin-buddy so you really deserve them!

    I'm sorry that I've not been around to your blog lately. Please know that I'm still really fond of you!!!:)

    Sending lotsaluv

  11. Maggie Mae!!!! Big Big Congratulations to yous!! You are sooooooo fury sweet, kind and fury caring!! Oh do we's just loves yous to reese's pieces!! hee hee..
    Anakin Man told us to put 'dat 'cuz of his furriend E.T.!!
    We's so glad we's yous furriend and yes, we LOVE this wonderful bloggy support systems!!

    We do look forward to seeing yous tonite at 'da bachelorette paw-Ty!!
    Oh.. and IzZY doesn't likes to wear tings on her head eithers!! hee hees..

    Big Pug Hugs!!
    Josie, IzZY and Anakin Man

    we's go say Happy B-day to yous kitty furriend

  12. Congratulations Maggie Mae!
    I really liked learning all those things about you, you are awesome!
    Sami Boy

  13. Hi there Legs
    Congratulations on winning our awardee. We have never seen big water either (Living in the midlands) but our hooman plans to take us this summer (but we donts knows it yet)...

    Woofs and Waggles
    Hector and Bonny too!

  14. Oh Maggie Mae, thank you so much for the Award.

  15. Hey Maggie Mae! Thanks for the Pawesome Award! I showed my daddy your bloggy last night because I told him about how you spread the word about my Birthday and he thought you were just adorable! AND funny!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  16. Maggie Mae we are so much alike. I do not like water, I don't go in our little pool either. I don't like to wear things on my head and I get into trouble every day also. :)

  17. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks to my fave boxer blogger furfriend Maggie Mae for the award. My mom and I just loves you!!

    Chi Kisses and one big slurp! BOL!

  18. You have had a very busy day! I think you deserve your nap!

  19. congrats wiggle butts~!! we deserved~!! :)
    wow so many new furends~! how will i be able to catch up?? heehee.


  20. Oh Tanks you for the award! I just got back from vacation, but I'll post about it soon!

    woof - Tucker

  21. Hi Maggie Mae, yes it is high time we met!
    We are always amazed at how many bloggers we still don't know.
    We look forward to getting to know you.We had a quick look at your Tag and just wanted to let you know that we have been in water and it turns out bassets can't really swim.....!
    We will be back - the human slave wants to go watch some stupid soap!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  22. Thanks for the award Maggie Mae! :) I will get to work on pawing it forward very soon :)

    Waggin my tail in your face ;)

  23. Happy 10th (wow!) Birthday Andy! Enjoy!

  24. Congratulations on your award, Maggie Mae! Mitch eats too fast too! Mom tried that BrakeFast bowl and it didn't help much so she gave up! I bet you slow down when you get older. I did!
    Happy birthday to Andy!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  25. It was good to learn more about you! I hope this means you'll be at the bachelorette party!


  26. Congrats on a most pawsome award! I got the same award from George the Lad and was going to pass it on to you. It seems like everyone I was going to give it to already has it.

    My boys seem to always find themselves in trouble at least once a day too.

    Happy Birthday to Andy! I had ice cream cake today for someone else's birthday. It was really good!

  27. Maggie - Congrats on your most deserved award! We see some new blogs on your list that we gotta go visit.
    The Road Dogs

  28. Congrats on your award. We loved getting to know you better. Happy Birthday to Andy!!!

    Teddy Bear

  29. Khongrats on the award!

    Those are furry nice fakhts woo shared with us!

    I was going to suggest one of those bowls as well - or maybe a piece of brick or something BUT the spreading it around a placemats makes lots of sense too!

    As fur THE KHAT!

    Happy Purrday!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  30. Hows you doing Maggie?
    Next round on you I heard...can I have two?


  31. Congratulations on your Award, Maggie Mae!
    I don't like either to have anything on my head!
    Happy Birthday to Andy!
    Kisses and hugs

  32. Maggie,
    You are such a sweet boxergal. I loved learning more about you!

  33. Miss Maggie,
    Watch out with eating too fast. You might get one of those eat slow bowls like my idiot brother has to use. Not very dignified.


  34. Thank you soooo much for my FIRST award!!!
    My mommy just got the internet at our new condo to work a few days ago and we had a lot of things to do since then so I'm finally going to get to write to all my furiends!