Friday, September 10, 2010

My Paw-toe-Graphed Book is here!

Happy Fridays Everybodys!
First of all, mom wanted me to tanks everybodys for all da get well wishes you sent to hers.  She really appreciates dem and she said dat reading dems made her feels better sooner :)
Okays...back to me!
As most of you know our furiends Those Elgin Pugs dey bees Josie, IzZY and Anakin Man has a wunderful mom who has written a book. My mom and me boughts da book and sent it to to da Pug's mom to gets her to paw-toe-graphs it fur us. We got's it back in da mail along wif some other wunderful stuffs...for me!
What's dat mom?  I gots a package in da mails?
Our book is back from da Josie, IzZY and Anakin Man!
Can we opens it now mom....puleeze?
I use my puppy eyes on hers...
Not just our book....
Looks at all dis stuff in da package!
Here is the wunderful book
A BEOOTIFUL note card from all my furiends!
A postie card from where dey lives in Elgin Ill-E-Noise!
I likes to gets postie cards from my furiends.
(I am reading what dey wrote to me)
A wunderful new Wubba!
Dis wuz such a nice surprise to gets a pressie too!
Youz guys are da best!
Can I plays wif my Wubba puleeze?
I has to pose wif all my stuffs before I can play?
GeeZ mom...
OKays I will do it
TANK YOUZ Josie, IzZY, Anakin Man and youz most talented momma fur my paw-toe-graphed book and my wunderful pressies!
I am gonna play wif my wubba now mom...
...if's I don't looks at hers, maybe she will go away... she still deres?

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae


  1. What a nice package you got back :) It pays to be a fan! BOL

  2. Woof! Woof! Hope you mom is feeling much better. What a great package from the Elgin Pugs. I'll be meeting them this weekend. Enjoy the book n your new toy. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Maggie Mae what a great post full of so much fun and love!!!

    Isn't it wonderful that we NEVER ever get bills in the mail!!!

    We hope Mom can rest well this weekend and feels chipper very soon. Thank you for your kind comments today!!
    Madi and Mom

  4. Wots a wonderful surprise, that wubber be lookin most fun I fink I be havin words wiv ma to get me one ov them


  5. Maggie Mae....dag gone it mom and I just realized 4 of the informational pictures about Wolfpack country did not post...has that ever happened to you all?
    Madi and Mom

  6. Happy Friday Maggie Mae!
    We love your new wubba:)

  7. Maggie Mse's a sweetie. I'm a pet sitter with a brand new doggie client named Buttercup. She's a boxer who was found wandering the streets thin and frightened. My human clients adopted her from a boxer rescue and she's now doing really well. Boxers are great dogs.

  8. Those Elgin Pugs are so sweet! My mom wants that book!

  9. The posing with the goodies is the hard part!

    We hope your Mom continues to feel better!


  10. WOWZERS! You sure is one popular pup! Have fun with that Wubba!

  11. Happy friday Maggie Mae !!
    You are such a lucky girl to get another present from the mail ! Happy Friday sweetie..


  12. How cool was that, Maggie Mae! Mom says you don't get a bag of goodies at the bookstore when a famous writer is there for a signing. We have that wubba too and we know you are so going to enjoy it.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Cool beans! Licks of love to your Mom!

  14. I guess it's back to jumping on the bed again then Maggie Mae....just make sure they are asleep first!

  15. I'm sorry for my previous comment... I was having a computer problem (although I didn't know it at the time.) Everything on your post looked like it was written in a different language. I checked other blogs and some were fine and others had the weird language/symbols. It seems to be okay now after turning it off & rebooting. Whew.
    I hope you enjoy your gifts!

  16. Wow Maggie Mae you can read! Awesome! Enjoy your toy. Yup, I think your Mama has gone to take a little rest now, so you're ok.

  17. That is such a great surprise to get!!! Have a blast and enjoy your Wubba!

  18. Wow! you got lots of goodies! you are such a lucky dog Maggie Mae
    Sami Boy

  19. What a pawsome package!! The pawtoegraphed copy is SO cool AND to get one of your favoritest toys too??

    It's a happy Friday for sure!


  20. I will hav to be lookin out for some nice posty cards from where I be livin now to send to yu Miss Maggie


  21. What a Nice Package of stuff to get in the Mail. We sure hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Maggie Mae
    That is stoopendoos
    A weal Pawtogwaphed book and pwezzies suwe pays to know talented and genewous fwiends
    have a wondewful fwiday enjoying all youw stuffs
    smoochie kisses

  23. Oh, Maggie! How cool! I hope you have fun meeting Cranberry tonight! She's a cool lady dog! Mom said she should be there right at 6, but might be a few minutes late. She has to do a home visit for the rescue right after work!

  24. Congrats Maggie Mae!

    I be anxiously awaiting mine, too! I need a good new novel to reads.

    PeeS....da pawtographed copies might gets you big greenpapers on da Ebay! BOL BOL...just kidding.

  25. A PawToeGraphed Book?! How cool! You are one lucky girl Maggie Mae! your new Wubba looks fun!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  26. I've never had a pawtoegraphed book either but I can see that it's a good thing to have in the house! Thanks fur reminding me about the Elgin Pug's book! I've gotta order one as soon as pawsible!

  27. Wow, that was a nice surprise!! I bet your Wubbas last longer than mine do. For some reason, mine seem to keep falling apart in my mouth!

  28. What a great pakhkage-o-stuff!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: Is she still THERE now?

  29. Wow! A gen-u-wine paw-toe-graphed book from the author herself! That is a way cool. Our Mom loves books! And we love all the other stuff you got. You must have been extra good to get all that neat stuff :)
    The Road Dogs

  30. OMD OMD MAGGIE MAE... LOOK at all the grrrreat stuffs you got from our furends in Ill and Noise.
    That is aMAEzing. hehehe

  31. OoOoOoh Mags, you gots a real live signature from da famous author? Oh dat is specials...and she didn't even charge you extra...hehehe!
    What up withs da peoples ALWAYS having to takes fotos of EVERYTHING we be doin'???? Well, I know why my mum does...her trying to get me doin' sumptin naughty.
    Okays, lets go grab some beers to celebrate you book and my trophies...ahem, awards.


  32. How totally cool that you got your pawtographed book and all that loot! You're a lucky girl!


  33. What a great book that looks like! And you look interested too! And what cool loot along with the book that you got too - WOW, Maggie Mae - how special! Well.... you certainly ARE a special girl!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  34. What a great surprise. Your new toy looks super fun!:)

    Teddy Bear

  35. Dearest Maggie Mae,

    I am so thrilled you love your new book!! Happy reading to you Sweet Girl!! ~Elgin Pug Momma

    ****** *****

    Sorry 'bout 'dat's Maggie Mae!! Mommy try to be taking over my bloggy and leaving comments..
    'da Josie so excited yous likes yous new toy and yous book too (even toes 'da Josie not in its) hee hees!! Glad yous like yous Posty cardy toos!!

    Yous can puts it in 'da little areas wits yous others ones.. We's tried to finds ones of 'da Elgin Thugs, butt dem were sold outs!! Snorts!!

    Yous made Mommy happy and 'dis be sweetest Post!!

    Hugs to yous and yous sweet Momma!!
    Josie :@)

  36. What nice pressies! Those Elgin puggies sure are nice!! hAve fun wit dem my girl!


  37. Wow that is so cool. i am jealous.


  38. Okays Maggie Mae!!! yous bee a stinker!!

    we's just found 'dat extra sometings yous hiding in our card!!!
    We's sound say our Daddy founds it!!! Mommy never would has found 'dat!!!

    He's lookin at Mommy's new arrangements on 'da cards on her desk and discovered its!!!!!!

    Yous so silly!!!

    hee hees.... Oh's yous sweet...
    Sneaky sneaky... 'dis be one secret Puddles not know... hee hee

    'da Josie

  39. You best hold on to that book - it will be worth lots of money some day when Josie Posie's mom is rich and famous!

    Your pal, Pip

  40. Now Miss Maggie How could I be letting Pips Gotcha day pass me by, Angel sister Molly would never forgive me would she cos of how much she be luvvin him and he be a great fella, an all round good guy be our Pip


  41. Maggie Mae!
    Glad to know your mom is feeling better!
    They were very nice sending you those presents with the book!
    I know you are enjoying them!
    Kisses and hugs

  42. Gosh! I hope your mom is feeling tons better by now. Sick humans are no fun.

    The pugs were most generous with all those nice pressies for you. I love those guys!


  43. That looks like a terrific book Maggie Mae. And look at all those great new toys. A brand new wubba, what fun for you. Hope you have a fantastic week end Maggie May

  44. I'm glad your mom is feeling better now, Maggie Mae.

    That looks like a good book. Did you have your mom read it to you? How sweet of Katrina to paw-toe-graph it for you and then send you some extra goodies to go along with it!