Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pictures From Saturday

Happy Tuesday Everybodys!
Here are some pictures from da playdate I had wifs Corbin, Emmett and Levi Mac on Saturday.
Hi guys! I sure has missed you!
OoH Somebody new!
Who is dat Momma Jackie?
Hello deres Rockette! I am Maggie Mae! 
Rockette aka Weenie is a new foster dog from Homeward Bound Rescue! 
You will find your furever home real soon cuz you is a real cutie patootie!
 Miss Peggy is here too! 
Miss Peggy wrotes a book called Dieting With My Dog and her is here to take some pictures of us to helps promote her book. Go visit her at Peggy's Pet Place and you can see some of da pictures her tooks of us!
 Emmett and Levi Mac!
 Take down!
 So what's new?
 Maggie Mae, lets me tell you all 'bouts my trip to Paris wif Puddles!
 OoH Corbin!  
Dat sounds like you had a wunderful time wif my BFF Puddles!
Tell me more Corbin!
 Hey Corbin, tell Emmett 'bouts your trip!
 Hey!  Is dat foodables we smell up deres?
Dose two is fightin' over me again! :)
Emmett, let's play!
Is dey all done takin' pictures yet?
Hey Miss Peggy!  
We wants our picture taken wif YOU now!
(sorry da next two pictures is so blurry)
Smile Everybodys!
 Tank yous fur coming today Miss Peggy!
Tank yous Momma Jackie fur lettin' me come over today to play wif all of my furiends!
Tank yous Poppa Brian and Levi Mac!
Bye Emmett!
 Bye Corbin!
Bye Rockette!
Dat sure wuz fun mom!
(OoH I has a green eye and a yellow eye in dis picture....cool!)
Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS We will not be around too much today cuz demolition work fur da new bathroom starts today so I is goin' to daycare and mom is stayin' away from da house too cuz Uncle K said it will be loud and messy. Dey wuz here today preppin' da room, mom took pictures so I will shares dem wif you soon.


  1. We're first???

    Oh, Maggie Mae that just looks like the best time. You and all those handsome boys! Lucky girl.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  2. What a lovely time you had , Maggie Mae.
    Wish we were there...:)
    Have a Happy week ahead:)
    Wags, ginger, Buddy n Shadow

  3. What a fun time with all your friends! We can't wait to see the new bathroom!:)

    Teddy Bear

  4. Thanks for sharing the great pictures of your play party. That Rockette is cute!

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Great fun y'all had! Wishin you good luck with the remodel! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  6. What a fabulous playdate! We can't wait to see your new bathroom, Maggie Mae!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Oh Oh Oh I saw your piktures overs at Ms Peggy's and I did da loudest squeeeeel evers!

    Ya'll sure do has da bestest times togethers. And I was super excited to sees da Rockette, her so cute.

    GOod lucks withs da remodel.


  8. What an awesome party. Demolition? Yes, stay away. It is loud and very messy. That plaster dust goes EVERYWHERE!


  9. Meeting new pals is pawsome! You and your buddies always have such fun playdates!

  10. Awesome photos! You are so lucky to have so many BFFs. And so nice you know Miss Peggy! She is cool!

  11. OH MY DOGS!!! Maggie Mae you have such a good life filled with so many handsome and beautiful friends!!!

    So we want to hear all the gossips Corbin told you about his trip to the City of Love with Puddles...

    Oh we know about demolition it is noisy and messy and oh my gosh I'd leave too.
    Hugs Madi

  12. It looks like you had a great time! Wowzers!


  13. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures, Maggie Mae! Looks like you all had a great time!

  14. Looks like so much fun Maggie Mae!!! :)

  15. You guys had sooo much fun!
    Have a nice day!

  16. That was one fine time I must say!! Enjoy day care!

  17. Ohh Maggie Mae I'm so sad I didn't come with you after my party, this one looks like more fun. I can't believe the way those boys fight over you. It looks like you had lots of fun.

  18. Great pictures! You all played so well together, and wore each other out. You wore me out too!

  19. As we said before, you all have so much fun together. It is wonderful to see you all behaving so well and enjoying your time together.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. Maggie Mae -- you is so tall!! You has the longest, and prettiest legs! You all had such a good dog time. Thanks for sharin' the pictures with us. Daycare's the perfect place to be during demolition. Maybe you and your mom can just stay there for a while BOL!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  21. That looked like a BLAST!!! We agree with Rottrover...maybe Mom can come stay at daycare with you while they're working on the renovation!! :)

    Elyse and Riley

  22. FUN FUN FUN! Good luck with your work in your bathroom. Don't forget to take before and after pics!

  23. We are soo jealous that you have so many friends so close. Glad you had another great play date.

  24. Dat sure looks like a fun play date Maggie, little weenie is such a cutie yoo is right dere. Hope her finds her furever home soon


  25. Wow Maggie mae, it sure looks like everyone had such a good time at that party. It is so great so see all you doggies getting together.But then you always have such a good time Maggie Mae. Thanks so much for coming by and wishing Lucky some good luck. Take care.

  26. What wonderful pictures, looks like you had a fun playdate!
    That new little pup looks so cute, we hope she finds her forever home, real soon!

    Rudy's Raiser

  27. Thanks for sharing those fun photos! :)

  28. Looks like you had a great time with your friends Mis Maggie Mae! Have fun at daycare! We don't want you or your momma getting sickies from stuff flying around during demolition!

    Droopy, Smiley, Kayah, and Mickey

  29. Happy faces is what I see there!
    Sure you all had a great time!
    Demolition time!!!! Wow!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  30. I've missed your beautiful face, Maggie Mae!

    You sure did have a lot of fun with all your friends.