Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back Again With My Furiends and Congrats LBR

Hello Everybodys!
Well, I finally had to puts my paws down and tell my mom dat it is time to gets back to Blogville cuz I miss all of my very good furiends AND I did not wants all of dem to furgets me so here I  am! 
Since we last posted mom has had a bit of a "ruff" time.  
After mom gots back from her conference, two of her very good furiends lost dere moms AND my mom lost her very dear and beloved godmother. :(  
If dat was not enough my two-legger cuzin' SaSa had 
app-end-D-ci-Tus last week so her had emergency surgery! 
SaSa is OK now so we all are very thankful and happy.  

Becuz of all of dis happenin' we are SO very far behind on readin' all abouts what has been goin' on wif all of you, I hopes you don't mind if we just hit da "mark as read button." 
Mom is gonna try really hard again to not let so much time go in between my posts. 
Wish her luck!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS A great big WooHoo to my furiends at Legacy Boxer Rescue
Dey WON da contest on Dr. Marty Becker's FaceBook page
Thanks to all of you who voted for dems cuz now dey will gets lots of green papers and dey will be able to helps even more boxers!


  1. No one could ever forget you Maggie Mae! We are happy your cuzin is doing okay now, those two-leggers worry me like crazy around here.

    Sugar the Who

  2. Maggie Mae - No one could forget those film start looks or kind words .

  3. We're sooooo glad you're back, girl. We miss you. We're sorry your Mum is having such sadness. So cuddle up and give her some extra Boxer kisses.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Congratulations to Legacy Boxer Rescue & I am glad to know Sasa is doing fine now. So sorry that your hoomies had such a rough time the past week. I hope they all feel better today. And Maggie, how could we all forget you?

  5. Gee wiz Maggie Mae. Let's hope happier times are on the horizon for you and your family! Hugs, wags and pawsitive wishes coming your way :D


  6. Maggy... Yay... you're back. I keep watchin' for you... but don't worry when your mom gets too busy or overwhelmed. I will always be here looking for you and won't forget you. I'll just check back and watch for your return.

    Happy Return, pal.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. Sometimes we just have to hit that "Mark all as read" button. It's just the way it is.

    We are glad SaSa is feeling better!


  8. Awwwww Maggie Mae... I am sending you and your mom some of my SNUGGLES fur all the sad stuffs that you have been through lately. I hope it helps ... just a bit.


  9. So sorry for all your mom's losses. I'm glad SaSa is feeling better now! Surgery is no fun, and emergency surgery REALLY isn't. :( But I'm so glad you're back! It's been very dull without you.

    Thank you and ALL your wonderful friends who voted for LBR. We managed to come out ahead by over 700 votes -- and that was going up against a group with a TV show! We're going to be able to help so many dogs with this!

  10. So happee to sees you back. Butt....sorry for da ruff time your family and furends are havin'.

    Congrats to da Legacy Boxer Rescue on da big win!

  11. We are sooooooooo happy you are back.......we purr that things will settle down at your house now.....we are purraying for everyone....and especially for your mom in the loss of her grandma.

    We send our love to all.

  12. YAY!! We've missed you, Maggie Mae. We hope things settle down fur your family!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  13. As ifs wee coulds eva forgets yoo Maggie fur shame even finkin wee could. Wee is soo sorry yoo has all hads a ruff time n wee all hopes fings start to gets better now. Wee is so gladsmome yoo is backs now


  14. We could not forget you! You're a very special girl!

  15. We was wondering where you was!!! Welcome back!

  16. MAAAAAAAAAAGGGGIIIEE MAAAAAAAAE!!!!! I missed youz soooo muches!! It is soo goodz to see yourz pretty face again!!!


  17. We missed you SO much! I'm very much glad that things are settling down for you and that SaSa is on the mend!!


  18. Beautiful Maggie Mae,
    We are so hoping your momma's load gets a little lighter. We are sending her lots of sugars (and of course you some too!)


  19. Maggie Mae~

    We are glad you are back and we are thinking of all the two leggers in your life and sending our loves~

    You see to it you give yous Momma extra huggies-

    We are happy to see yous sweet face-

    IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man

  20. Good luck with getting your Mom to post and visit. Our Mom has not been very helpful lately we regrets to say. Glad you are getting to come to the Barkday Picnic. Boy is it fun. Thanks for keeping an eye on Fenris for us, he says you are a terrific nurse ;>)

  21. Such sad times for your Moms, Maggie Mae! You give her lots of kisses ok???

  22. Oh Our Rama had that ruptured 'pendix emergency surgery last year...feel better soon SaSa!

    Good to see your pretty face Maggie Mae!

  23. Welcome back Maggie Mae! We were on a bloggy break too, for a while. SOmetimes its hard to get these humans motivated!