Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday with Max, The Good, The Bad and The Question For Puddles

Hello Everybody and welcome to Monday with Max!
Since I only have one day a week of my own on Maggie's blog, today is a 3 part post so please get comfortable, 
I have a lot to say today.
Part I
The Good
A Get Well Card From Madi and her Mom

Imagine my surprise when my mom said I got a card addressed to me and only me in the mail.
Mom, are you sure this letter is just for me, 
after all, Maggie Mae is a judge in Mango Minster 2012 so maybe, dare I say, this letter is for "da Judge" and it contains a bribe for her?
Well I am mistaken, it is for me
 and it's from the gorgeous Madi and her sweet Momma C!

Mom, will you please open it for me?
What a nice card!
Mom, look it is personalized just for me AND Madi's sweet mom wrote me a note too!
This is so wonderful mom, I will save this card forever.
Thank you so much Madi and Momma C.
Part II
The Bad
Max vs The Underwater Treadmill

Mom, dad and Maggie Mae continue to take good care of me. I am trying my best not to run, jump or play so my leg will heal itself and I won't have to have surgery. 
Anyway, as some of you know, last week I had an appointment to go see Dr. L and "meet" the underwater treadmill. 
Well, unfortunately our meeting did not go as well as we had hoped.
 (Sorry Mango I am not a water loving dude like you are my friend)
Wait a minute!  
You want me to do what when I get in there?
 So far not so good!
Well, Dr. L does have some treats in her hand so maybe I will go in there and investigate this strange looking box she is in...
 Yummy noms Dr. L, I will go in just a little further...
 OK Dr. L, keep feeding me and I will pretend I don't notice the water 
Whoa Lady, you turned me around pretty fast, so does this mean it is time to get out of this water tomb?
By the way nice wading boots you got on there...Cabela's?
To add insult to injury mom has posted a short video of me in the water torture chamber! 

The bad news is I did not "take to the water" as mom and Dr. L would have liked me to so I am not going to continue with this type of therapy. 
The good news is what mom, dad and Maggie Mae have been doing with me and for me the past 4 weeks has helped me a lot! 
Dr. L said that I have no swelling in my leg at all anymore AND I am not favoring my leg when I use it. So now I can run a little more (still on leash) AND I can start going up and down stairs and hills(still on leash)to help strengthen my leg.  
My anti-inflammatory medicine has been cut back too. I go back to see Dr. B(the surgeon) in two weeks so if he gives me the all clear I am good to go again.
I sure hope he clears me because I miss playing with my sister. 
Your Buddy,

PS I have saved the best for last!
(ooh, I am a little nervous)

Part III
The Question For Puddles

My Dear Puddles, 
I e-mailed your mom a little while ago and asked her if you had a special someone in your life and she said no, so here goes...
We haven't known each other for very long, 
 but ever since I laid eyes on you... 
I have wanted to tell you this...
and ask you this...

Would you be my girlfriend?
Yours if you will have me,


  1. OMD!
    What a post, Max!
    Sorry you did not like the water but I am glad you are doing well!
    Aaaaand.... Puddles! Oh-oh!
    I hope she says YES!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. omd

    Max! Delete those last 2 lines......HURRY!

  3. Oh dear Max.
    You must be talking about a different Puddles! :)

  4. I hope she says yes!
    Dachshund Nola

  5. Yous sure abouts this Max? Missy Puddles? hehehehehehee She is captivating.. and she is beautiful.. she is after all Puddles.. yous sure about this? Like Tank says... delete the last 2 lines quick.. before she comes by...

    Glad you are on the mend Max... hang in there and be well soon. We'll hope you don't need to go for surgery.

    woofs n licks,

  6. Oooooo Max! Da Pud!!! You are playing with fire there, mate.

    Glad the leg is improving and you don't HAVE to have that water torture.

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  7. Max, we're glad you leg is getting better. Sorry you didn't take to the water torture, although the video didn't look that bad. We think Mango did better because his doctor got in with him all bare legged and bare footed; bet those wader things your doctor wore spooked you.

    As to your proposal to Miss Puddles: aside from the size difference, we see no reason this should not work. You've been well trained by your sister to take direction, and Dog knows dear Miss Puddles likes giving orders. You are VERY brave to ask her in such a public forum and we hope you soon receive the red rose or whatever it is they give on those reality shows to signal acceptance. Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  8. Max - After seeing the video Puddles will know without any doubt that you are hero. Your chances have just improved enormously !

  9. Oh Max Dude mee is sooo wivs yoo on da wet stuffs butts yoo handled dat like a real star. How can Miss Puddles fail to bee inpressed, declarin yorself to a girly dogs takes mega courage n dude yoo has da bi da shedload. Hopin her says yes cos mee knows yoo wil haves a wild time wiv dat pawty princess


  10. Dude! You don't like the water therapy? Maybe those scary gators are putting you off. I hope you are at least getting massage out of it.


  11. We are so glad your leg is doing well! Sorry you dont like the water, that books looks very scary to us too. Of the five of us only Bob likes water and that is not necessarily a good thing. Once we were walking him in the park, and he was on leash, mind you and he just jumped in the duck pond. Ugh covered in slimy green water!

    Puddles is a lucky lady too

  12. You sure better continue to get better Max! If Puddle says no, how about me???
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  13. You are very welcomed Max..we are so glad you liked your card!! I told mom exactly what I wanted her to say!! Big hugs..

    OMC/OMD I don't like water anywhere but in my mouth. You were very brave though. Thank goodness the exercises and meds are working because I don't think there would be enough treats in NY to get you in that box of water again.

    Puddles is my BFFF so if you need me to relay any love notes to her just holler. I think you two make a beautiful couple....but remember she is a Southern bell and speaks her mind and oh you will have to listen with both ears so you can understand her..that might be where you need my help as a translator.
    Hugs from your BFFF,

  14. Dat water tready ting didn't look too bad and you were walkin' in da water. Dat's a lot more den mee would of done. And so nice of Ms. Madi and Mom to send you dat nice card.

    Now...for da Puddles ting....we wait and see. Might you be da prince who tames da wild one?

  15. We are sorry you didn't like the water, Max. Mano is right, must be those gators. But it sounds like Mom is doing a good job for you on dry land.

    As for Puddles, we love her too and think she is just so misunderstood. If she says yes, just take Madi's advice and treat her like the Southern Belle that she is.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Dear Max, If only I knew you were looking for a GF I would have sent my pic. If it doesn't work out wif Miss Puddles, you can sign my dance card!
    XX Miss Darla Boxer in SoCal.

  17. Oh Max, I'm so sorry the water thingy didn't work out for you. But I know you will be all better very soon!

    As for Miss Puddles, she would be crazy to say no to you!


  18. Oh no, Max, I'd better not tell my sissy Cinderella about this post! She's had her eye on you for a while. :(

    That water stuff doesn't look any fun at all. Yuck! I'm glad they're not going to make you keep doing it. I hope your leg keeps getting better, though!

  19. Hmmmmmm...just wonderin' why everybuddy thinks you is playin' withs fire...could it be cuz of my reputation by any chance? Dats what makes me so darn fun though...hehehehe!
    Well anyways, I would loves to be your girlfuriend Max...npws, you may npt wanna listen to what some say though...ahem, I can be crazy and a goofball so if dat don't bothers you then cool...oh I'm also not real girly girly eithers:)
    I am glad you is doin' betters and dat whole water thing ain't what it's cracked up to be eithers. You knows you could possibly melt in dat stuffs.


  20. Dude! There isn't much that we agree on with that squirrel loving dawg, Tank, but this is one of those times! Stay away from Puddles AND the kool-aid!

    Sam and Pippen

  21. I don't know if I would like that water thing either....I think playing in the lake would be more fun.... Congrats on your new girlfriend....or should I say good luck....ha ha! Just kidding -- she is a GREAT gal!

  22. Glad you are on the mend. I do think your face is very very handsome. May I bite it?
    Lily ( & Benny)

  23. Glad you are on the mend!

    Stop on by for a visit

  24. Woof! Woof! Happy New Year! We are back from our longggg Holiday break.

    Oh how CUTE!! MAX ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    Finally did the blog move to WprdPress...Visit my new (WP) blog:
    In order to follow my blog, subscribe to my blog feed (details on my blog) and add my url to your blog reader. Lots of Golden Thanks

  25. Oh dear Max, You are breaking Mabel Lou's heart! But I understand... she is an older woman!

    You keep getting better!

  26. Oh have got your paws full now! Even though she's not a girly girly I think high maintenance might be a good description!

    We are totally with you on not wanting to be in the water. Hope you continue to get better so you don't have surgery. See surgery usually comes with the dreaded cone of shame.


    Mr. Nubbin'

  27. You looked pretty comfy in the water, Max, sorry it wasn't for you, though it sounds like maybe you don't need it!! Good luck with Puddles. She might be a paw-full!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  28. Hi Max! Sorry that water treatment didn't work for you. It looks like you were trying and trying to get to the door, but not making any progress! Aww what a sweet question for Puddles!

  29. Oh Max, you are so cute, how could Puddles possibly refuse?

    We would love that water box, we all think playing in the water and swimming is the best fun in the world.

    We hope you're feeling all better really soon. Bailey is all well now and Morgan is doing much better though she still has a limp and doesn't have a lot of strength in her leg.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  30. I was reading along.....all interested and oohing and aahing at your fotos...till I GOT TO THE END!!!

    OMD, OMD OMD!!!!!

    Then....I read Tank and Jack's comments, and me and my momma started laughing so hard, da yaptop almost fell on da floor!!

  31. Hi Max! Thanks for coming to check out our Mango Minster entry today. Dude! You seem to have a LOT going on! We hope your leg gets better so you don't need surgery. You seem to have a crush on someone too, we hope she will send you a positive response.

    Wow, you only get one day a week on your sister's blog? Sounds like Maggie is the perfect judge for the bad sport category! (just sayin'.) Tell us, does she like chewy toys or anything like that? Not that we would ever THINK of bribing a judge. But we figure as cats we may need all the help we can get in this competition!

    Just kidding! Mango is a cool guy and we were judges last year ourselves. We know it's a tough job. Nice to meet you. We are going to start following your bloggy, not just to suck up to Maggie, but to keep track of how your PT for your leg goes.

    Nice to meet you, Raymond and Busby

  32. We're not big fans of water either, Max, so we totally understand!
    You have excellent taste in girlfriends. Puddle is such fun!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  33. I'm sorry the water therapy didn't work out so well but it sounds like your pawrents and sister are taking excellent care of you. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed and the boys are both keeping their paws crossed that you won't need any surgery.

    I didn't realize you have a romantical side to you, Max! Congrats on Puddles being your new gf.

  34. Well, Max, I thought you did GRATE in the water torture akwarium. My sis Sydney had to do that fur 3 months and it took many, many tries fur her to get used to it and gib just a little of her cooperashuns. You did way better than she did her furst time. She akshually got pritty good at it and would go in all by herself without the V-E-T in those snazzy boots in there trying to drown her.

  35. What a great card you got there! It sounds like you're doing your best to stay out of trouble and get well!

  36. Max, you look so strong and and the underwater thingy looks cool. I hate water too. Get well soon.

  37. Oh Max I am glad you are doing better. We do not have the under water thing here, but I wouldn't use it anyway, i would be too scared. I had been doing very well wif my healing but I've had a setback. I did something that makes me not want to bear as much weight on my leg when standing. I is no longer on medicine and I turn and walk ok. The vet is giving it a couple days to see if I improve again, if not I has to go backs to the vet to be re-evaluated. I really don't wants the surgery eithers and it's really hard to stay calm! I feels fine and I just want to play but the hoomans say i can't.

    woof - Tucker

  38. Max we are so pleased to hear that your are on the mend. Sorry you didn't like the water tank thingie.
    We hope that Puddles says yes.. we are sure she will how could she resist you such a handsome young chappie.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  39. Glad to hear you're feeling better!!

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  40. I'm so glad that you're doing better Max! You truly hit the jackpot with your family who are taking such amazing care of you... Sorry that you didn't like that underwater experience because it can be so good for you!

    I just saw that Puddles said yes. Woo hoo Max. Now you really hit the jackpot! Do you like Cheetos?

  41. Madi and Mom are so nice, huh???

    Sorry the water didn't agree with you Max! Wish we could share some of our natural love for the water with you, furiend!

  42. I cannot imagine what I would do if my mommy put me in a water torture chamber! As a husky, I love snow, but do NOT like water of any kind...unless I'm drinking it. Hope da leggie gets better wifout the torture. And good luck with the love stuffs!!! It's a tough world sometimes!

    Mya Boo Boo