Friday, February 14, 2014

Queen of Hearts Dance and The Love Messenger Delivers!

Hello Every Buddy and Happy Valentine's Day!!

Furst of all, Max and me wants to give out a
"Love Messenger"
message to all of you!

We LUVS all of you and is so happy to be a part of your lives here in Blogville!
Maggie Mae and Max
A big THANK YOUZ to our very own 
and her sweet momma fur organizin' dis most wunderful day filled wif so many wunderful activities.  
(Happy 44th Wedding Anniversary to Madi's mom and dad too!) 
Madi really is Our Queen of Hearts! 
Now we has to make sure you know 'bouts all of da fun activities dat is goin' on today so here is da list and links:

Pre-Queen of Hearts Hosts

Easy and Frank
Rockin' Will 
William began playing love music on 2/10/14

Part I: 12:00am-12:00PM EST 2/14/14
Part II: 12:00pm-11:59PM EST 2/14/14

Beginning at 6:30 am all day
Love Messenger
Maggie Mae and Max

 One post 12:00am-11:59pm EST 2/14/14
Kissing Booth

Part I: 12:00am-12:00pmEST 2/14/14
Part II: 12:00pm-11:59pmEST 2/14/14
Mad Snapper and Madi and Mom Sweet Nothings: 

 Two post on 2/14/14 
Part I: 12:00am-12:00pmEST 2/14/14
Part II: 12:00pm-11:59pmEST 2/14/14

One post 12:00am-11:59pm EST 2/14/14
BAD DAWG Agency: 

6:00 am Roxy
10:00 am Murphy and Stanley 
Noon:  Roxy
Blogville EMT and Dogtor:  
Garden and Floral Centerpieces
Crowd and Critter Control
Snack and Punch Preview
Ruby and Sasha
Make sure you stop by fur a visit and thank dems fur all dere hard wurk!
Okay's time fur me and Max to gets to wurk..
Let's get dis pawty started cuz da 
"Love Messenger"
 is in da house, so grab a snack from the buffet table and let's go!

Puleeze note dat each name above a foto links to dat dog or kitteh's bloggie, dat way you can go and visit, say hi and make new furiends if you don't know dem all ready.
Except fur me and Max's names cuz you is all ready here!

Da furst message we is sendin' out is from our beOOtiful Mayor Madi herself! 
Her has two "Love Messages"
Her furst "Love Message" is for Frankie and Ernie:
Thank you for being such a great Mayoral Mentor!
You two is da best!
Her next "Love Message" is fur Goose:
Happy 14th barkday on 2/14/14 handsome friend!
Him sure is handsome...Happy Barkday Buddy!
Next, da luverly Nellie is sendin' out her "Love Message" to all of da mancats in her life

Kisses to alls of yous!
Dere is a lot of lucky mancats out dere in Blogville, fur sure! 
Dis next "Love Message" is so very special cuz it comes from one of our Blogville moms!
Momma Sandra has a very special "Love Message" fur her two fur kids Baby and Jake
To Baby and Jake 
Straight from my heart to your hearts, you are my Furrever Valentines.
Dat is so very nice momma Sandra, you is da best! 
OoH look who da next "Love Message" is for!
 Da "Love Messenger" thinks dat Raz is head over paws fur our very own Mayor Madi AND his
message proves it! 
Dear Madi,
When I went to the Matchmakers I never expected to find such a wonderful Ladycat.  You make me so happy and I’m honored
to be your date for the Ball.  The time we’ve spent together has been pawsome and I’ve fallen hard for you.   I hope you feel the
same about me.
Happy Valentines Day
Your Guy,
Raz romanticals! 
Handsome Raz you is one lucky kitteh! 
Next on our list is da luverly Allie
Her has a very special "Love Message" fur da mancat in her life Mauricio or as her affectionally 
 refers to him....Mau! 
Happy Valentines day to Mau,
I am the luckiest Ladycat in the world to have such a smart and handsome boyfriend!!  I am so glad we found each other.
You’re a pawsome Cat Scout and a purrfect ManCat!  Nose-kisses and Smoochies,
Your girlfriend,
Just look at da luv in his eyes, him is sure one happy kitteh! 
Now do you thinks dat da handsome Mau would furgets his beOOtiful Allie?  
Of course him wouldn't!
Here is HIS most romantical "Love Message" to her...
Courtesy of da "Love Messenger" of course ;)

My dearest Allie,
You have filled my heart with love for you through your sweetness, goodness, thoughtfulness, kindness and extreme beauty. I never expected to have a girlfriend, and had I thought I might, I never could have imagined she would be the most lovely girl kitty in the whole world. You have turned me into a kinder, gentler and nicer cat.
 With love and bunches of smoochies from your most ardent admirer and boyfriend, 
Sigh...what a beOOtiful kitteh couple dey makes! 
 Da Crabby Girls LUV to dance and pawty wif da Bad Dawgs Band so dey want to send a "Love Message" out to dem to let our super dooper Blogville Band know dat dey is da best!
" Hello, Darlings!   
We must say that Bad Dawg Agency simply rocks the house!    Goodness, you certainly know how to raise the roof and belt out the tunes.    
Great job, and we crabby girls want your album!       
Love, Beachnut, Oceana, Shelldon" 
Da Band is rockin' and rollin' over dis special message!
Da one and only Ernie wants his special gurl Roxie to know how him feels about her, his "Love Message" is dis:

ROXY you are the BRIGHT STAR of my life.   
Love, Ernie
Roxy and Ernie
Dere is nuttin' better den a walk on da beach, 
Ernie you sure know how to treats a lady! 
and of course da one and only Frankie has a special 
"Love Message" 
fur his beOOtiful wives Ruby and Penny!

You are the wimmen who make my heart dance.   
Love you, Frank
Frankie is one lucky guy but we thinks Ruby and Penny feel da same way too! 
Marty Manx has da "purr"fect "Love Message" fur his most beOOtiful date fur da dance, Marbles!
Beautiful Miss Marbles I am honored to escort you to the Queen of Hearts Ball and cannot wait to dance the night away with you! Fondly Marty the Manx.
We thinks she is in LUVS.... ;)
Not to be outdone by his brudder, 
Ralphie has a few romantical wurds to share wif da special lady in his life too are you ready for your "Love Message" Cleo?
Lovely Lady Cleo, I look forward to escorting you to the Queen of Hearts Ball and having the honor of being with the most beautiful lady cat at the ball. 
Yours Fondly,
Ooh Cleo, you has got a winner wif Raphie! 
Next up is da dashin' Ranger wif a few luverly wurds fur his lovely Mollie in his "Love Message" fur her! ;)
My love for you is like diahrea, I just can't hold it in!
Mollie is sendin' kisses back to her man Ranger! 
 Roxy has a simple but special "Love Message" from her heart fur her one and only Ernie!
This is to Ernie, from me, Roxy!  
Tell him "I love him".
Roxy and Ernie
Aww...don't dey makes da cutest couple!
Handsome Sam has waited patienty fur da "Love Messenger" to deliver his "Love Message" to his gurl Sundae! 
"Dearest Sundae.......I'm thrilled you're accompanying me to the'll be the prettiest girl there and I'll be the proudest boy there!   
Love, Sammy"
Another beOOtiful kitteh couple fur sure! 
Well, look who is next wif not one, not two but 
THREE "Love Messages"
Da one and only Sarge!
"Hey Sweet Greta!   
Thanks for being such a wonderful date for my Date Day last year.   I had a fabulous time with you.    
Love, Sarge."
Greta looks Gawjus! 
"Hey Millie!   
Wow, I had a super time with you last fall for HowlOWeen!   Thanks for being a really great date!   
Love, Sarge."
Millie looks MaH-vel-Lus!
"Hey Hailey!   
Wow, you were a really beautiful date for the New Year's Eve party!   
Thanks for being such a fun and sweet gal.   
Love, Sarge."
Hailey looks Heavunly!
Sarge sure did hit da jackpot wif deese three luverly ladies! 
Sweet and beOOtiful Sasha is next up wif two "Love Messages".  One is for her dear furiend Tweedles and da udder is an extra special surprise fur some buddy!
I want to just tell her that she is my best friend and I love her so much for being such a good friend.
Loveys Sasha
We is sure dat Tweedles luvs you too Sasha!
Sasha's next message is a surprize fur Frank, 
Her has a secret crush on him but thanks to da "Love Messenger" it is not a secret anymore! 
Here is Sasha's "Love Message" to Frank!

I want to tell him that I think he is very handsome and I hope we can dance together at the Queen of Hearts
We thinks Frank LUVS his surprise message from you  Sasah and him will save EVERY dance fur you!
Stanley LUVS his gurl Taffy and him wants da whole wurld to know, here is his "Love Message" to her! 

My Dear Sweet Puppy Toes Girl Taf-Taf,  When I think of you I feel the earth shake beneath my paws. Will you be my Valentine? XOXO Your Manley Stanley
Looks like da love arrow hit it's mark! 
It's Sweet Susie's turn now! 
Her is sendin' out a very special "Love Message" to her one and only Bites!
"To MY bubby Bites, thanks for teaching ME how to be a Scottie, and I love the way we snuggle during naps. 
Lovies, Huggies &Kissies for MY HERO!"
Yours Always 
"Sweetie Petunia"
We thinks Bites is grinnin' from ear to ear after gettin' dis message from Susie!
Next up is da very handsome Gambler!  
Him is attending da dance and has a "Love Message" for da gurl on da side dat doesn't have a date.
Someone Somewhere....
Dreams of your smile
And while thinking of you
Thinks that life is worthwhile
So whenever your lonely
Remember it's true
Is thinking of you.....
Gambler is handsome AND so very thoughtful too! 
What a catch ladies! 
Jazzi is next in line wif her most wunderful "Love Message" fur her one and only cutie patootie 
Sweet William the Scott!
Sweet William, this is our 3rd Valentines Day together. You are so "Special" to me,
that I jump through hoops for YOU!!! Happy Valentines Day to "MY" very special and wonderful and most handsome guy!!
Ooh Jazzi, we thinks dat Sweet William would jump through hoops fur you too!
Anudder very handsome kitteh, Tomcat Timmy has a very special "Love Message" fur his date fur da dance, da luverly Nibbler!
Dear Nibbler
I am such a lucky cat to have such a beautifur date fur the Queen of Hearts Dance. I hope we can be special furends in Scouts from now on,
Your Tomcat
We can tell by her foto dat Nibbler is luverly and lookin' forward to dancin' da night away wif Timmy!
Now it is my brudder Max's turn to send his "Love Message" to his one and only gurl Puddles and let her now just how special her is to him! 
I LUVS you Puddles wif all of my heart!
Happy Valentine's Day
Puddles' smile sez it all! 
OK Every Buddy, Dis is Max here and I am highjackin' da "Love Messenger" duties fur a short time so a certain doggie and good furiend and buddy of mine, Casey can surprise my sister Maggie Mae wif a very special "Love Message"
Dear Maggie Mae,
Will you be my Valentine??
Love, Casey
Maggie Mae
OoH we can tell at Maggie is luvin' dis message from Casey!
OoH My OoH My!!
 Casey wants me to be his Valentine!  I am sooo happy! 
I guess Casey and me is on da same wavelength cuz MY very special "Love Message" is for him!
Maggie Mae
You is one of da most handsomest doggies I know and I would LUVS it if you would
Be Mine!
Yours if you will Have Me, 
Maggie Mae
Isn't him handsome?
Well Every Buddy, da "Love Messenger" is all done fur dis year!
A special THANK YOUZ to all who sent us dere special 
"Love Messages" 
to deliver!
Max and me sure hopes dat you had a good time while you wuz wif us!
Now go and enjoy da Queen of Hearts Dance and all da udder wunderful activities dat is happenin' today!
One more thing!
If you go to sweet Mona's bloggie (after 4:00 am Texas time) you will be able to see a most amazin' SmileBox dat Mona's sweet momma Sarah made of all da pawtipants today! 
Thank yous momma Sarah and Mona! 
Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae and Max


  1. OMD I am so excited!! It is finally here. There is so much love in the air.Thank you for showing my messages and I hope Frank gets to see it(blusing)

    Happy Valentines Day!!

    Stop over for dinner when you can, we will be serving for 24 hours straight.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. That is wonderful. Roxy is thrilled and doing happy dances because she got one from Ernie. AND her's has been sent to him, too. There were so many messages. You guys have done lots of work! And done it well!

    Happy Valentine's Day! See you at the dance.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  3. Look at all the love going on! Mes wants to kiss everybody!

  4. Lotsa love in da air! I'm BOLing at Ranger's message - hee hee!

  5. Oh my cats, there is so much love in the air. We have this sudden urge to hug everyone we meet. Those are all touching messages (Well, we aren't sure what to say about Ranger's words).

    Happy Valentine's Day,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

    PS, Maggie May & Max, we hope to have dances with you two.

  6. We feel the love. Nice one. Happy Valentine's Day to you and may you and your family have a fabulous day.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Those are some great Love messages. I loved reading them!!


  8. Maggie Mae and Max!,
    Give your assistant a great big well done and be sure to share a biscuit with her today. You all stay warm
    Madi your bfff

  9. So much love is filling the air today in Blogville! :)

  10. my heart is FULL of love for ALL these funny, sweet, adorable, beautiful, pretty and loving Valentines. You must be seeing hearts in your sleep... lots of laughs and thanks.

  11. my heart is FULL of love for ALL these funny, sweet, adorable, beautiful, pretty and loving Valentines. You must be seeing hearts in your sleep... lots of laughs and thanks.

  12. OMD what a wonderful post.. Howling at what Ranger said Bawahwhahhhahaha we didn't get our message in, we was buzy in the studio and wiff work but Ranger noze I lub'z every little hair on hiz gorgeouz body .HAPPY VALENTINES and this is such a blast xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  13. Dat was a wonderful postie. Mom's eyes are leakin. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  14. Wow, what a fabulous post! Oh, the messages are all wonderful and this was such a great idea. Thanks so much for messenger-ing for us. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Valentine

  15. Great post, lots of love going around Blogville today!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. Those pics certainly had us smiling and seeing beautiful! Thank you for joining our See Beautiful blog hop! We are so happy to donate a brand new children's book to St. Anne's Homeless Shelter in YOUR honor!

  17. Wow, so much love all around Rlogville!!! Happy Valentine's Day to all!

    Hugs and Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. What a pawsome job posting all these LOVE messages Maggie Mae and Max! Thank you for doing this as part of the celebration of this DAY OF LUV!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  19. This is an amazing collection of love messages! Thank you so much for hosting this event for the Queen of Hearts Ball!!

    Raz and Allie and all The Florida Furkids

  20. OMD, my heart grew THREE sizes at least! I can't believes I have such a wonderful, amazing, beeYOUtiful boxer lady as MY Valentine. I can't wait to dance the night away with you . . . And don't furget to visit the kissing booth!!

  21. OMD Maggie Mae.... you are a MAJOR ♥ messenger FUR SURE...

    ERNIE is going WILD over Roxy's message fur HIM..
    They are ALL spectacular... THIS is FABULOUS...
    THANK YOU fur letting all of us SAY what We are all THINKING.
    WE ♥ it all.

  22. OMD!! I can't believe it! We came to see the love messages and one was for me! thank You Sarge, I loved our date day date, you will always have a special place in my heart!

  23. So many sweet messages. So much romance in the air.
    But, Stanzie says "Ladies, step away from my Gambler...he is mine all mine, at least fur today!"
    (she's bossy like that)
    Wyatt and Stanzie

  24. Oh guys, thanks, we both loved the message, awesome job on all of it!

    The Mad Scots

  25. We are so happy for Casey and Maggie Mae. Pawesome news. Congrats to you both and Happy Valentines Day.

  26. Those are some wonderful Love Messages that you sent two sent out. Why look Jazzi left me a love message.
    I can't believe what Range said to Mollie ~~ My love for you is like diahrea, I just can't hold it in! Why that dogs needs a lesson in romance. I would not want my friend Mollie sprayed whit sh******t.
    Happy Valentine's Day you two.
    Sweet William The Scot

  27. Darn what Ranger said got my fingers all tongue tied.

  28. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I think everyones messages are super sweet, especially the message that Sasha sent to me, she is one fabulous ball of furs! Great work both!
    Love and Licks from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

  29. lovely lovely love messages, they were all grand. Thank you for all your hard work. Gambler

  30. Thanks guys so very very much!!!! Our messages look marvelous!
    Marty and Ralphie

  31. The world is bursting with love!!! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

  32. Hi Y'all!

    Looks like love is in the air all around Blogville today!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  33. Oh, what wonderful messages! A great big THANKS to you two and your assistant for putting this together.

    That message Stanley left for me made my heart go pitter patter! I'm pretty sure he already knows I will be his Valentine!

  34. Golden LOVE all the FUN celebration, Happy Valentine's Day

  35. Golden LOVE all the FUN celebration, Happy Valentine's Day

  36. Golden LOVE all the FUN celebration, Happy Valentine's Day

  37. Oh what a love-erly messages fur us from Marty and Ralphie..thanks you fur the great job Maggie Mae...purrsa and loves Cleo and Marbles xxxxxx

  38. Wow! There's a lot of puppy love on this post!! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  39. wonderful post!! So full of love!!

    Glad you liked the Smiley box!! Mommy loved doing it and it was so much fun seeing everybody at them dance.

    ♥♥♥Mpna & Prissy

  40. Thanks again for all the time you put into the messages. I hope you don't mind but I put a link to this post on my blog. Please let me know if you prefer I remove it.