Monday, January 30, 2012

Today I am 3

Hello Everybody!
Welcome to Monday With Max...
Just one minute Max,  it's my barkday and my blog so Monday With Max will have to wait until next week...'kay?
Oops, you are so right Maggie Mae, 
today is your day so let's get on with the celebration!
Dat's better! 
Now let's pawty!
Today I am 3!

 Of course dere will be cake...
Of course dere will be beer, cheeseburgers and cheetos, 
we can't have a pawty wif out dems!

Look I got a crown too! 

OoH wait, before we starts my pawty,  
I have somethin' to share wif all of you...
I has a date to da Valentine's Day Dance.  
I am going wif Roscoe
Isn't he so very handsome...*sigh*
We is gonna have such a great time!
Thanks fur helpin' me celebrate my barkday today,
now let's all go and have some fun!
Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae
Mom came home from her weekend of fun last night with a super duper cold. Her head is fuzzy from all  da medicine her is takin' so if we don't get to visit wif all of you today, it's because her can't think straight. ;)

PeeS Corbin and Ernie we is thinkin' 'bouts you both today and sendin' you extra boxer puppy prayers, get well soon!

Mitch you and your family is in our prayers too.  
Rest in Peace Sweet Maggie
we luvs you and we will miss you very much.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Happy birthday Maggie Mae! You don't look a day over two! Have a great day!

  3. Happy birthday Maggie Mae! Congrats on your date
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Dear Maggie Mae...we wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Congratulations on your date!

    Oh my....we didn't know about Maggie and now tears are streaming down my face...such a difficult hard to go through. Thank you for letting us know. Rest in Peace Sweet Maggie...

  5. Maggie Mae - Have a wonderful day .

  6. Maggie-Mae Happy 3rd Birthday!

    Have an absolutely fabulous day and pawty.

    Congrats on the valentine date!

    We were so very sad about Maggie. We will miss her.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  7. A very very happy birthday to ya! Save me a beer! Deccy x

  8. Happy Birthday Maggie Mae! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  9. Happy birthday, Maggie Mae. Glacier and Roscoe are celebrating with you. :)
    Hope your mom feels better soon.

  10. Happy Birthday Maggie Mae!
    Looks like you are really to party. We hope your mom feels better soon, having a cold is no fun.

  11. Happy Birthday Maggie Mae! And congratulations on landing such a handsome dude for the dance.

    Now, we'll have three cheeseburgers, and three packets of Cheetos, please.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. happy barkday you sweet cutie pie hope you had a wonderful day

  13. Happy Birthday Princess Maggie Mae!!!
    We wish you a great day!

    Lot's of kisses

    Jack, Kaiser and Farrusquinho

    P.S: we are sorry to ear about your friend Maggie... =(

  14. Happy birthday, Maggie Mae and thank you for the beautiful tribute to our precious Maggie.

    We love you.
    Mitch, Sue and angel Maggie

  15. Congrats on your date and happy barkday to you!

  16. I sure hope you have a fab birthday Maggie Mae! And lucky you! Got a date for Valentines day! Guess I am too young, cause nobody has asked me! Sigh...........
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  17. Happy Happy Birthday Maggie Mae.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  18. Happy, Happy Birthday to you Maggie Mae... Have a wonderful day.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy, Knuckles and HH

  19. Happy Barkday Maggie Mae. I'd have to guess that the best thing in your year was getting a brother - Max!!!

    Have fun partying, and help your mom feel better.

  20. Happy Birthday, sweet Maggie Mae - three is a wonderful number. And Max, you are such a good brother to let the princess have your blogging day. Bet you enjoy that cake, and beer, and burgers, and cheetoes too.

    Have a wonderful day, birthday girl.

    We too are all sad about Maggie, and we have our paws crossed for Corbin and Ernie.

    Wowzers - Roscoe is so handsome and so lucky to have you for his date.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. Happy Birthday, Maggie Mae!
    Hope you have a pawsome day!

  22. Happy birthday, Maggie Mae!! I hope you get spoiled LOTS today. You deserve it!

  23. Happy birthday Maggie Mae! I hope you have a pawesome day!

    We are very sad about Maggie leaving us to go to the bridge, but she is running fast and chasing squirrels now.


  24. Happy Day to you Maggie Mae!

    We're gonna have LOTS of cheeto's today in your honor but Mom won't let us have any beer. She keeps that for herself. Even Lucca, our new foster boxer, might get some nommies if his tummy says it's ok. He's kind of sick right now ~ he looks a lot like Mulligan did at first ~ but is a very sweet old man.

    We hope your mom feels better soon and can't wait to see what Max gets you for your special day!


    I hope you pawty like an...ANIMAL.

    Soooooo sorry to hear that your mom has the icky sicky cold thingy. I hope she is better in like 87 seconds.

    THANK you fur thinkin of both Corbin and my Ernie.

  26. Happy birthday Maggie Mae, looks like you had a great party. Three is a wonderful age for a dog to be:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  27. WOOHOO! This a GREAT birthday pawty, Maggie Mae! Do you think we should do our dance for everybuddy again? Oops...sorry...I think I spilled a little beer. Don't worry...I'll lick it up. There we go. Good as new!

    You're just gonna LUVS being three! That was a great year for me.

    Oh...and Roscoe??? SO Most Handsome! The Valentine's Dance is gonna be SOOOO fun!

    I sure hope we don't wake your mom up and that she gets better real soon.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  28. Happee Birthday Maggie, whooooa !
    Benny & Lily

  29. Happy birthday Maggie Mae!! Make it a good one and party hard!

  30. Happy Birthday, my sweet friend! I hope you day is filled with lots of treats and many, many hugs! Enjoy!

  31. Hap-Pee Birfday, Maggie Mae! Enjoy your pawty and save me some cake!

  32. Don't tell Mom I'm eating this many cheeseburgers. But they're just soooooo nummy!!

    Hey Mayzie, may I have this dance?

  33. Happy Happy 3rd B-day Maggie are more gorgeous every year!!

    We hope Mom feels better.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  34. Happy Birthday Maggie mae.
    A kiss and a hug from me :) xxxx

  35. Happy Birthday Maggie Mae. I got to get my mom to make you and Max pupcakes again this year!!
    ~Dillon (Levi Mac's cuzin)

  36. Happy Birthday, Maggie Mae!

    My boys will be right over to help you celebrate. They do love a good pawty!

  37. Happy Barkday, Miss Maggie Mae! Hope you're able to have your party, what with your mom being sick. Our mama has the same thing and she's even less fun than usual right now. But we know you'll have a snuggly barkday, and you'll get your party soon as your mom can manage.

    Jed & Abby

  38. Thank you so much for putting the Our Rainbow Friends badge in your sidebar! We really appreciate it!

    Our Rainbow Friends Clerical Staff

  39. Happy Barkday MAggie Mae!! Hope you had a great day!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  40. Happy Birthday, we wish you all the best and more birthdays and blessings to come! I'm craving for the delicious hamburger woof!

    dog fence | It's all about Pets

  41. Happy Birthday Maggie!!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  42. Happy happy HAPPY BARKDAY, Maggie Mae!! You're still a baby if you're 3--or so Riley's Grandma says about her turning 3 in March!

    We hope you had a wonderful day and Max was so polite to let you take over the bloggie once again! Hehe!

    Best birthday wishes sent your way!


    Elyse and Riley

  43. Happy BIrthday Maggie Mae! And welcome to the world of being 3. It's a lot like 2 I won't lie. BOL.

    woof - Tucker

  44. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

    I can't believe you didn't just have Max tell us what a wonderful sister you are!!!

  45. Hi Sweet Maggie Mae, Happy Birthday to you. We hope you get spoilt and have lots of fun times. Mmmm those burgers look good. Lets Party. Yay. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  46. Happy Birthday, Maggie Mae! Now, because it is your special day, I think I should be able to have a cheeseburger, don't you think? Just don't tell my mom ...she is taking this heart healthy food thing way too far! Hope your mama feels better soon.

    Your pal, Pip

  47. Miss Maggie Mae, Miss Maggie Mae....
    OMDogness! It's your Birthday???
    Wow! Hope you had a Pawsome special day :o)
    Meee is so glad to be back to be able to wish you the Pawsomest Birthday Ever!!!

    Neeko :o)

  48. Happiest of Birthdays, Maggie Mae! I hope you had a perfect day today!


  49. Dear Maggie Mae! We are popping over to give you some fantastic news!!! Leroy and Sherman will be our dates for the Valentines Pawty!!! We are very excited!!! We mentioned you on our blog so that people could find out more info!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  50. Happy Birthday, Maggie Mae! I hope you enjoyed your day, and it was very kind of Max to share his Mondays with Max with you just this once!

  51. I's here...I's here!!!!!! Nows da pawty can officially begins! I has no idea hows I missed dis post....ugh!

    Can somebuddy pass me a beer?

    HAPPY BIRFDAY my dear sweet Mags!

    Puddles...oh, I needs a burger too

  52. OMD, I missed your barkday yesterday coz I woz away doing, ummm, stuffs. Well anyways, Happy Barkday!

  53. Oh, we are so very sorry that we are late on wishing you Barkday wishes. You and Winston share the same Bark Day. He was 5 years old yesterday and we almost forgot about it. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  54. Sorry I missed your birthday, Maggie! Hope you had a wonderful day filled with lots of lovin's and yummy treats!

  55. Happy Happy Barkday!!! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  56. Sorry I missed the party yesterday - but at least I cam today to help with the clearing up.

    (Yuck!! Who left this here...??)

    Love and licks, Winnie

  57. Ohhh Nooooo wee dids miss yor Barkday Wee is so sorry Maagie butts wee hopes yoo had a sooper speshul day.

    Lotsa lovs
    Izzy, Uji n Ronnii
    xxx xxx xxx

  58. Happy B-day to you, happy bday to you happy bday to yooooooou!!


  59. Oh I so sorry I stopped by late to wish you a Happy Birthday! But I can wish you a Happy Belated Birthday or I could be the first to wish you Happy 4th Birthday.
    Sweet William The Scot